A photo of Gareth Field running.

About Me:

Hi, I'm Gareth!

... just zis guy, you know?

I'm training for ultramarathons and learning design and development for the web. Currently I'm selling shoes at the Merrell Store in Huntington, and am looking for a job in the tech sector. Freelancing with any of a variety of skills is also on the table, as is an exciting idea for a startup that I've been working on for a while.

This site is to have links to my portfolio and resume, as well as some of my photography and some resources I've found helpful or interesting. Probably going to be experimenting with code here, too, so feel free to poke around a little!(I haven't put any easter eggs in yet, I'll remove this strikethrough when I have! 😘 )


Email: field.gareth@gmail.com

Twitter: @Twitchkidd

Facebook: Gareth Field


"... there was some kind of connection between the capacity to love and the capacity to love *running*. The engineering was certainly the same: both depended on loosening your grip on your own desires, putting aside what you wanted and appreciating what you've got, being patient and forgiving and... undemanding...maybe we shouldn't be surprised that getting better at one could make you better at the other." ~ Born To Run by Christopher McDougall
A photo of ultramarathon runners.
Ultramarathon Running

I'm training for ultras! An ultramarathon is any distance longer than a marathon, and the distances are usually 50km, 50mi, 100km, and 100mi, though Candice Burt is going to be throwing three 200mi races in America. I've completed two 50km races, first on the trail, then on a paved path, and I entered the North Face Endurance Challenge Gore Tex 50 Mile race in Bear Mountain, but I dropped out after 41 miles. Probably going to post on Medium about it, what an adventure! Looking forward to the next one.

A photo of a barefoot runner.
Barefoot Running

Running barefoot is one of the best ways to train good running form, and it feels fantastic! The foot evolved over a million years and is a marvel of engineering, which many runners have gone and locked in stiff boxes with a weird raise in the heel. The over-striding and heel-striking that this type of shoe encourages causes force peaks in the ankle, knee, and hip, leading to injury. Here is a central source of evidence on the matter.


"I've been using Vim for about 2 years now, mostly because I can't figure out how to exit it."
An Apple Developer thank you email.
Dev Blog

I've been writing my web dev stuff down for more than a hundred posts now! Watch me make silly mistakes and geek out to just about the nerdiest topics on the net! Search for a topic and you might get something I wrote about it! Read a bit and decide to get into programming, because if *I* can do it, anyone can!

Some handmade juggling balls.

I'd been working for this for like way too long, and it's finally sorta a thing! You load the page and it spawns a random number of balls that bounce around your window at random speeds, starting in random directions. That's it. That's all it does. Still, it's vanilla JavaScript, and for whatever reason making it scratched an itch, and I'm proud of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Here's the github repo.